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BELOW THE SEA - Luminaria (Vinyle)

BELOW THE SEA - Luminaria (Vinyle)


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Vinyle de couleur. Édition limitée.

"For over a decade, Montréal-based trio Below the Sea have been coming to terms with their legacy as key figures within the city’s seminal post-rock scene of the aughts while actively working on the sounds and structures that manifest here on their long-awaited fourth album, Luminaria.

The follow-up to their well-received 2005 LP, Blame It On the Past (featuring contributions from Ulrich Schnauss), Luminaria finds the band building upon the timeless qualities of their discography. Yet there is a new maturity to their instrumental take on the shoegaze sound that both influences the band and shapes their influence on others. Seven new compositions are balanced between those that strike with a percussive urgency and those which lushly reveal themselves to a patient listener over time."
Patrick Lacharité: guitars, synths
Victor Meyer: bass
Gianni Trono: drums, percussion

Engineered, recorded and mixed by Patrick Lacharité
Mastered by Harris Newman in March of 2021
Pictures by Patrick Lacharité
Designed by Mike Baker

1. Agni's Igniter 04:30
2. Remote Viewing onto our Celestial Sun
3. Submitting to the Moon
4. Anahata
5. Light Onward Cedar Wood 06:29
6. Aeons
7. Ananda's Ritual through Unseen Dancers