Livraison GRATUITE à l'achat de 150$ et plus avant taxes (au Québec).

Records for sale?

Le Vacarme takes back your used vinyl albums

Whether it's a few records you no longer want, or a batch of used vinyl you're looking to sell, we're interested.

We evaluate your vinyl records according to condition, rarity and demand, and offer you an amount based on our calculation - in the form of an exchange or cash.

Of course, we'll also take your 45s, cassettes and CDs. But what we're really looking for are LPs. So if you've got some lying around, don't hesitate to come and see us. We can sometimes come to you to evaluate very large collections. The best thing, though, is to come into the store on Friday or Saturday with your records.

For larger collections, the appraisal process obviously takes longer. You can drop your records off at the store, go about your business, and we'll get back to you with an offer when we've finished our work. We sincerely want to offer you the best possible price, and sometimes that takes time!

We buy everything, but we're particularly fond of indie, rock, jazz, metal, punk, reggae, funk, soul, blues and hip hop. We like Vivaldi, but we can't offer you a fortune for your classical records or stacks of old Enrico Macias.

For practical reasons, we can't make you an offer until we've seen the condition of the records. But you can call us anyway, to schedule an appointment or for more information.