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ARTISTES VARIÉS - Basement Beehive: The Girl Group Underground (Vinyle)

ARTISTES VARIÉS - Basement Beehive: The Girl Group Underground (Vinyle)

Numero Group

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Magnifique compilation de Numero group.

Édition couleur, limitée.

A1 The Four J's – Will You Be My Love
A2 The Chantells With The Aqua Lads– I'll Never Know
A3 The Passionetts – My Fault
A4 The Tonettes – I Gotta Know
A5 Vickie & The Van Dykes – I Wanna Be A Winner
A6 The Vandelettes – A Love Of Mine
A7 The Devilettes – I'll Say Yes
B1 Dot and The Velveletts – Searching For My Man
B2 Chapells – Help Me Somebody
B3 Devotions – Same Old Sweet Lovin'
B4 The Hill Sisters – My Lover
B5 The Soulettes – Find Somebody New
B6 The Mellow Dawns – I Don't Believe
B7 The Cineemas – Never Gonna Cry
B8 Unknown Artist – Goodbye Baby
C1 Judi & The Affections – Dum, Dum, De Dip
C2 The Para-Monts – Come Go With Me
C3 The Belles – Melvin
C4 The Petites – I Believe (The Man Loves Me)
C5 The Voices – Fall In Love Again
C6 Charles Pikes & The Scholars – Unlucky In Love
C7 The Contessas – Broken Heart
D1 The Shades – I Won't Cry
D2 The Monzas – Where Is Love
D3 Toni & The Hearts – Thank You Baby
D4 The Dreamliners – From One Fool To Another
D5 The Rayons – Baby Be Good (While I'm Gone)
D6 Paulette & The Cupids – Teenage Dropout
D7 Bernadette Carroll – Laughing On The Outside
D8 Unknown Artist – I Love You For All Seasons