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CHRIS BROKAW - Now, Forager (Vinyle)

CHRIS BROKAW - Now, Forager (Vinyle)


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Trame sonore du documentaire Now, Forager composée par Chris Brokaw de The New Year et Codeine.

A1 Lucien Theme
A2 Picnic
A3 Fall Woods
A4 Poison Mushroom
A5 Exemptive
A6 Pine Barrens
A7 Undrum
A8 Garrison Piano
A9 Packaged Mushrooms
A10 Leaving DC
A11 Regina’s Going To Rhode Island
A12 Meat Babies
B1 Winter Mushroom Hallucination NYC
B2 Driving from RI to NY
B3 The Rule Of Ten
B4 Spring: Symbiotic Vs. Parasitic
B5 Go, Forager (Closing Credits)
B6 Fish Butchery
B7 Regina Subway
B8 Regina Drive Back From Rhode Island
B9 Entrance To The Garrisons'
B10 No Buyers