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DUSTER - Capsule Losing Contact (Vinyle)

DUSTER - Capsule Losing Contact (Vinyle)

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Coffret 4LP.

Vinyle de couleur 'Diamond Clear'.

A1 Moon Age 1:07
A2 Heading For The Door 3:08
A3 Gold Dust 2:06
A4 Topical Solution 5:01
A5 Docking the Pod 1:50
A6 The Landing 2:43
A7 Constellations 3:43
A8 The Queen of Hearts 4:19
B1 Two Way Radio 0:19
B2 Inside Out 2:21
B3 Stratosphere 6:57
B4 Reed to Hillsborough 4:00
B5 Shadows of Planes 1:50
B6 Earth Moon Transit 4:23
B7 The Twins / Romantica 3:42
B8 Sideria 1:50
Contemporary Movement
C1 Get the Dutch 4:47
C2 Operations 3:30
C3 Diamond 3:26
C4 Me and the Birds 1:35
C5 Travelogue 4:36
D1 The Phantom Facing Me 2:55
D2 Cooking 4:35
D3 Unrecovery 3:34
D4 The Breakup Suite 3:20
D5 Everything You See (Is Your Own) 2:40
D6 Now It's Coming Back 2:43
D7 Auto-Mobile 2:08
Transmission, Flux
E1 Orbitron 2:19
E2 Fuzz and Timbre 0:37
E3 My Friends Are Cosmonauts 1:44
E4 Closer to the Speed of Sound 2:59
E5 Stars Will Fall 1:58
E6 For Hours 3:42
E7 Light Years 3:39
F1 Echo Bravo 4:34
F2 Capsule Losing Contact 6:17
F3 East Reed 1:03
F4 And Things Are Mostly Ghosts (Version Overdose Mix) 3:57
G1 Irato 4:17
G2 Memphis Sophisticate 4:09
G3 The Motion Picture 2:43
G4 And Things (Are Mostly Ghosts) 3:19
G5 August Relativity 3:09
G6 Want No Light To Shine 6:01
H1 Haunt My Sleep 2:43
H2 Peyote 1:37
H3 Something That I Need 1:47
H4 What You're Doing to Me 6:08
H5 Faint 3:16
H6 The Hours