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OFF! - Free LSD (Vinyle)

OFF! - Free LSD (Vinyle)

Fat Possum

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Vinyle de couleur.

Deluxe : Glow In The Dark!

Édition gatefold deluxe GLOW IN THE DARK!

A1 Slice Up The Pie
A2 Time Will Come
A3 War Above Los Angeles
A4 Kill To Be Heard
A5 F
A6 Invisible Empire
A7 Circuitry's God
A8 Ignored
A9 Black Widow Group
A10 L
B1 Muddy The Waters
B2 Murder Corporation
B3 Behind The Shifts
B4 Worst Is Yet To Come
B5 S
B6 Suck The Bones Dry
B7 Smoking Gun
B8 Peace Or Conquest
B9 Free LSD
B10 D