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UNWOUND - Empire (Vinyle)

UNWOUND - Empire (Vinyle)

Numero Group

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Box set. 4LP.

Challenge For A Civilized Society
A1 Data
A2 Laugh Track
A3 Meet The Plastics
A4 The World Is Flat
A5 Sonata Four Loudspeakers
B1 No Tech!
B2 Side Effects Of Being Tired
B3 Lifetime Achievement Award
B4 What Went Wrong
Leaves Turn Inside You
C1 We Invent You
C2 Look A Ghost
C3 December
C4 Treachery
D1 Terminus
D2 Demons Sing Love Songs
D3 Off This Century
E1 One Lick Less
E2 Scarlette
E3 October All Over
E4 Summer Freeze
F1 Radio Gra
F2 Below The Salt
F3 Who Cares
G1 Mile Me Deaf
G2 The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is A Train
G3 Solo Sonata
G4 XLNT (Untitled)
H1 Laszlo 4:58
H2 Torch Song
H3 Meet The Plastics (Demo)
H4 The World Is Flat (Demo)
H5 Empire (Demo)
Peel Sessions
I1 Hexenszene
I2 Side Effects Of Being Tired
J1 Kantina / Were, Are And Was Or Is