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ARTISTES VARIÉS - Girl In Gold Boots (Vinyle)

ARTISTES VARIÉS - Girl In Gold Boots (Vinyle)

Modern Harmonic

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Mono, vinyle de couleur translucid gold.

A1 Various– Theatrical Trailer 2:31
A2 Larry Cartell– Girl In Gold Boots 2:50
A3 Various– A Little Companionship (Dialog)
A4 Joe Valino– (Everything I Touch Turned To) Gold 1:53
A5 Various– Wanna Be A Professional (Dialog)
A6 Larry Cartell– Wheels Of Love 2:31
A7 Various– Snacktime (Dialog)
A8 Larry Cartell– My Careless Heart 2:11
A9 Various– Take His Brains Out (Dialog)
A10 Nicholas Carras– Knockin' Boots 2:09
A11 Larry Cartell– Sin 2:31
A12 Various– I'm Here To Be A Dancer (Dialog)
A13 Danny Welton– Julie 2:17
B1 Various– Bad Mannered Kids With Guns (Dialog)
B2 Larry Cartell– Cowboy Santa 2:08
B3 Larry Cartell– Jimmy's Girl 2:11
B4 Nicholas Carras– Girl In Gold Boots Theme 3:11
B5 Jerry Wallace– That's The Fool In Me 2:10
B6 Various– Show Off Whatcha Got, Baby (Dialog)
B7 Chris Howard– I Just Want To Rest 2:10
B8 Various– Let's Hear It With Music (Dialog)
B9 Danny Welton– Strobelights 2:22
B10 Various– Who's That? (Dialog)
B11 Chris Howard– Do You Want To Laugh Or Cry? 2:05
B12 Various– You'll Find Your Hole (Dialog)
B13 Jody Daniels– Lonesome Man 2:22
B14 Various– Tonight I Shall Get Good And Drunk (Dialog)
B15 Jody Daniels– You Gotta Come Down 1:10