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ARTISTES VARIÉS - Southeast of Saturn 2 (Vinyle)

ARTISTES VARIÉS - Southeast of Saturn 2 (Vinyle)

Third Man

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 2 LP 

A1 Colfax Abbey– Feel
A2 Star Phase 23– How To Be A+
A3 Monaural– Rhodes
A4 Grimble Grumble– Odyssey And Oracle
B1 Sidereal– Barrettev
B2 Fauna (8)– To Ecstacy
B3 Shapeshifter (9)– Low Profile
B4 The Sunflower Conspiracy– Belle Chase
C1 Catherine– It's No Lie
C2 27 Various– Turn On And On
C3 Kiln– Supersonic Kid
C4 Veronica Lake– Sleepyhouse
C5 Shallow (2)– King Of The Wide Eyed Girls
C6 Ousia– Pure Surface Theory
D1 Au Revoir Borealis– Heavens Downward
D2 Novasonic Down Hyperspace– Abducted To Venus
D3 Xebec (4)– Impulse Red
D4 Sabine– Painting Portraits