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VIC CHESNUTT - Drunk (Vinyle)

VIC CHESNUTT - Drunk (Vinyle)

New West

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Vinyle de couleur.

A1 Sleeping Man
A2 Bourgeois And Biblical
A3 Intro
A4 One Of Many
A5 Supernatural
A6 When I Ran Off And Left Her
B1 Dodge
B2 Gluefoot
B3 Untitled
B4 Drunk
B5 Naughty Fatalist
B6 Super Tuesday
B7 Sleeping Man (Syd Version)
C1 Kick My Ass
C2 Cutty Sark
C3 Lillian Gish
C4 Arthur Murray
C5 Bad Boy Town
C6 Great Buffet
D1 Intro
D2 Aunt Avis
D3 Intro
D4 Gravity Of The Situation
D5 Intro
D6 I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
D7 Intro
D8 Naw